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BlueTube Central

Join us daily for our LIVE morning announcements! 

Daily 9:00AM - 9:15AM



Sporting events

Video Content



Pride Info

& More





HINT: When you get to the YouTube Channel hit “Subscribe” 

Then click the Bell- and “all” you will get pop up notifications when we turn on our stream as a reminder! 

OR Bookmark the page!



HINT: If you don’t see the announcements, you may need to REFRESH the page! If we are LIVE there is a RED dot next to where it says LIVE in the lower left corner. 


How to Submit Announcements?


ALL TEXT announcements MUST be submitted by 7 am to be aired.


Any video, photos etc must be submitted via flash drive or to google folder :

Please allow 24 hours for photo & video submissions

NOT live                           LIVE

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